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A measurement of the α-β-ν̄ angular correlation in the Gamow-Teller decay Li8→Be*8+ν̄+β, Be*8→ α+α has been performed using ions confined in a linear Paul trap surrounded by silicon detectors. The energy difference spectrum of the α particles emitted along and opposite the direction of the β particle is consistent with the standard model prediction and places a limit of 3.1% (95.5% confidence level) on any tensor contribution to the decay. From this result, the amplitude of any tensor component CT relative to that of the dominant axial-vector component CA of the electroweak interaction is limited to |CT/CA|<0.18 (95.5% confidence level). This experimental approach is facilitated by several favorable features of the Li8 β decay and has different systematic effects than the previous β-ν̄ correlation results for a pure Gamow-Teller transition obtained from studying He6 β decay. © 2013 American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters