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We have studied the C14,15(d,He3)B13,14 proton-removing reactions in inverse kinematics. The (d,He3) reaction probes the proton occupation of the target ground state, and also provides spectroscopic information about the final states in B13,14. The experiments were performed using C14,15 beams from the ATLAS accelerator at Argonne National Laboratory. The reaction products were analyzed with the HELIOS device. Angular distributions were obtained for transitions from both reactions. The C14-beam data reveal transitions to excited states in B13 that suggest configurations with protons outside the π(0p3/2) orbital, and some possibility of proton cross-shell 0p-1s0d excitations, in the C14 ground state. The C15-beam data confirm the existence of a broad 2- excited state in B14. The experimental data are compared to the results of shell-model calculations.

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Physical Review C