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The Mg24+C12 fusion reaction was used to perform a detailed γ-ray spectroscopy study of the astrophysically important nucleus Ar34. In particular, an experimental setup, coupling the advanced γ-ray tracking array GRETINA with the well-established Argonne fragment mass analyzer (FMA), was employed to obtain excitation energies and spin-parity assignments for excited states in Ar34, both above and below the proton separation energy. For the first time, an angular distribution analysis of in-beam γ rays from fusion-evaporation reactions, using a tracking array, has been performed and Coulomb energy differences of analog states in the T=1, A=34 mirror system, explored from 0 to 6 MeV. Furthermore, we present a comprehensive discussion of the astrophysical Cl33(p,γ) stellar reaction rate, together with implications for the identification of nova presolar grains from sulfur isotopic abundances.

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Physical Review C