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We report ac susceptibility measurements of polycrystalline CePt 3Si down to 60 mK and in applied fields up to 9 T. In a zero applied field, a full Meissner state emerges at temperatures T/Tc < 0.3, where Tc = 0.65 K is the onset transition temperature. Though transport measurements show a relatively high upper critical field B c2 ∼ 4-5 T, the low-temperature susceptibility χ′ is quite fragile to the applied field, with χ′ diminishing rapidly in fields of a few kG. Interestingly, the field dependence of χ′ is well described by the power law 4πχ′ + 1 = (B/Bc) 1/2, where Bc is the field at which the onset of resistance is observed in transport measurements. © 2005 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters