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Afekare, Dayo: 0000-0003-2007-0797
Fidelibus, Corrado: 0000-0003-2942-4272

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In this article, an open-source code for the simulation of fluid flow, including adsorption, transport, and indirect hydromechanical coupling in unconventional fractured reservoirs is described. The code leverages cutting-edge numerical modeling capabilities like automatic differentiation, stochastic fracture modeling, multicontinuum modeling, and discrete fracture models. In the fluid mass balance equation, specific physical mechanisms, unique to organic-rich source rocks, are included, like an adsorption isotherm, a dynamic permeability-correction function, and an Embedded Discrete Fracture Model (EDFM) with fracture-to-well connectivity. The code is validated against an industrial simulator and applied for a study of the performance of the Barnett shale reservoir, where adsorption, gas slippage, diffusion, indirect hydromechanical coupling, and propped fractures are considered. It is the first open-source code available to facilitate the modeling and production optimization of fractured shale-gas reservoirs. The modular design also facilitates rapid prototyping and demonstration of new models. This article also contains a quantitative analysis of the accuracy and limitations of EDFM for gas production simulation in unconventional fractured reservoirs.

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