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These are data files from a 12.5-hour continuous survey done in Sand Shoal Inlet in Eastern Shore of Virginia on the Delmarva Peninsula. There are two sets of data files. The first has records of 42 files for current profiles from an ADCP mounted on a small boat running along 4 waypoints repeatedly, forming an hourglass. These 42 files have three types: the raw velocity data, the processed velocity data, the navigation files, all from the RDI’s old program Transect. All these files except the navigation files are binary in format. These files are readable using the RDI’s program. The second includes all 33 CTD casts during the ~12.5-hour survey time. The ADCP data files are in the format described in RD Instruments user’s manual while the CTD format should consult the user’s manual from Sea-Bird Electronics (SBE). The CTD's configuration file is included, which can be used to convert the hex file to ASCII format for easy viewing and analysis, using SEB’s software.


This specific dataset was published in:

Li, C., (2002). Axial convergence fronts in a barotropic tidal inlet - Sand Shoal Inlet, VA, Continental Shelf Research, 22: 2633-2653



SSI_ADCPCTD.tar (17594 kB)