Lake Pontchartrain Data

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Data Set

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Winter 1-7-2020


The ADCP data file use the RDI standard ASCII format. For the variables please check with the RDI ADCP document. The salinity file has the surface thermosalinigraph data along a river plume inside the Lake Pontchartrain obtained on May 11, 2011, after a freshwater diversion from the Bonnet Carre Spillway from the Mississippi River. Time is in the standard UTC. Data include the surface water temperature (C), salinity (PSU), latitude, longitude, hour, minute, and second. The data were obtained from a moving boat. It was a survey supported by an NSF RAPID project. The data are used in a paper to be published in JGR - Oceans as of Jan. 7, 2020. The title of the paper is "Numerical Experiments on variation of freshwater plume and leakage effect from Mississippi River diversion in the Lake Pontchartrain Estuary". The authors include Wei Huang, Chunyan Li, John R. White, Sibel Bargu, and Sam Bentley.

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