Magnetically Actuated Soft Capsule Endoscope for Fine-Needle Biopsy

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Wireless capsule endoscopes have revolutionized diagnostic procedures in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract by minimizing discomfort and trauma. Biopsy procedures, which are often necessary for a confirmed diagnosis of an illness, have been incorporated recently into robotic capsule endoscopes to improve their diagnostic functionality beyond only imaging. However, capsule robots to date have only been able to acquire biopsy samples of superficial tissues of the GI tract, which could generate false-negative diagnostic results if the diseased tissue is under the surface of the GI tract. To improve their diagnostic accuracy for submucosal tumors/diseases, we propose a magnetically actuated soft robotic capsule robot, which takes biopsy samples in a deep tissue of a stomach using the fine-needle biopsy technique. We present the design, control, and human-machine interfacing methods for the fine-needle biopsy capsule robot. experiments in a porcine stomach show 85% yield for the biopsy of phantom tumors located underneath the first layers of the stomach wall.

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Soft robotics

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