Fabrication of polymeric dual-scale nanoimprint molds using a polymer stencil membrane

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We report on a simple and effective process that allows fabricating polymeric dual-scale nanoimprinting molds. The key for the process is the use of a thin flexible SU-8 stencil membrane, which was fabricated by either photolithography or thermal nanoimprint lithography (NIL). The stencil membrane with microscale pores was assembled into a nanopatterned substrate, producing a dual-scale structure. The assembled structure was used as a template to produce polymeric imprinting molds via UV-NIL. With this method, we demonstrated dual-scale nanoimprint molds having nano-pillars of 251 nm diameter and 146 nm high on top of microscale square protrusions of 5 μm wide and 3.6 μm high. The resin mold with the dual-scale structure was successfully used to produce a freestanding membrane with dual-scale perforated pores via UV-NIL. After metal coating and integrated into microfluidic devices, this freestanding membrane can potentially be used as a substrate for surface plasmon resonance sensors.

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Microelectronic engineering

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