Bounds for the torsional rigidity of shafts with arbitrary cross-sections containing cylindrically orthotropic fibres or coated fibres

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In this paper we derive bounds for the torsional rigidity of a cylindrical shaft with arbitrary transverse cross-section containing a number of cylindrically orthotropic fibres or coated fibres. The exact upper and lower bounds depend on the constituent shear rigidities, the area fractions, the locations of the reinforcements as well as the geometric shape of the cross-sections. Specific bounds are derived for circular shafts, elliptical shafts and cross-sections of equilateral triangle. Simplified expressions are also deduced for reinforcements with isotropic constituents. We verify that when additional constraints between the constituent properties of the phases are fulfilled, the upper and lower bounds will coincide. In the latter case, the fibres or coated fibres become neutral under torsion and the bounds recover the previously known exact torsional rigidity. © 2007 The Royal Society.

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Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

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