Selected topics in modeling and simulation of inelastic behaviors of polymer matrix composite materials at AFRL

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The Composites and Hybrid Materials Branch, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/RXBC), is concerned with development, characterization and application of organic and hybrid materials for challenging aerospace service environments. This talk will describe highlights of efforts concerning the modeling and experimental characterization of composite materials associated with both present and future applications involving reactive degradation and damage. Polymer composites applied to extreme temperature environments such as experienced by engine components and extreme lifetimes as would be anticipated from the extended use of current platforms, provide examples of situations requiring modeling of the described types for purposes of performance and life prediction. In general, the described behaviors involve coupled influences and responses, and thermodynamic bases for the models, when available, permit the solution space to be restricted to physically meaningful results to problems specified in these complex conditions. Features of: thermodynamic mixture theory for anisotropically reacting materials; micromechanical approaches; experimental characterization of thermo-oxidative behaviors of polymer composites at high temperatures; and developments in discrete crack-based modeling of the damage and failure processes of materials with complex failure modes and statistical inhomogeneities, and possibly complex architectures, will be highlighted. © AES-Advanced Engineering Solutions.

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AES-ATEMA International Conference Series - Advances and Trends in Engineering Materials and their Applications

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