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We consider the nonlocal formulation of continuum mechanics described by peridynamics. We provide a link between peridynamic evolution and brittle fracture evolution for a broad class of peridynamic potentials associated with unstable peridynamic constitutive laws. Distinguished limits of peridynamic evolutions are identified that correspond to vanishing peridynamic horizon. The limit evolution has both bounded linear elastic energy and Griffith surface energy. The limit evolution corresponds to the simultaneous evolution of elastic displacement and fracture. For points in spacetime not on the crack set the displacement field evolves according to the linear elastic wave equation. The wave equation provides the dynamic coupling between elastic waves and the evolving fracture path inside the media. The elastic moduli, wave speed and energy release rate for the evolution are explicitly determined by moments of the peridynamic influence function and the peridynamic potential energy.

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Journal of Elasticity

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