Unit Balls, Lorentz Boosts, and Hyperbolic Geometry

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The bounded symmetric spaces naturally associated with the Poincaré and Beltrami-Klein models of hyperbolic geometry on the open unit ball B in ℝn and with the automorphism group of biholomorphic maps on the open ball in ℂn give rise by a standard construction to specialized loop structures (nonassociative groups), which we use to define canonical metrics, called rapidity metrics. We show that this rapidity metric agrees with the classical Poincaré metric resp. the Cayley-Klein metric resp. the Bergman metric. We introduce the Lorentz boost of vectors in B, which turns out to be a loop isomorphism. It induces a similarity of metrics between the rapidity metric of the Einstein or Möbius loop and the trace metric on positive definite matrices restricted to the Lorentz boosts. © 2012 Springer Basel AG.

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Results in Mathematics

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