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Let a, b, c be linearly independent homogeneous polynomials in the standard Z-graded ring R {colon equals} k [s, t] with the same degree d and no common divisors. This defines a morphism P1 → P2. The Rees algebra Rees (I) = R ⊕ I ⊕ I2 ⊕ ⋯ of the ideal I = 〈 a, b, c 〉 is the graded R-algebra which can be described as the image of an R-algebra homomorphism h: R [x, y, z] → Rees (I). This paper discusses one result concerning the structure of the kernel of the map h and its relation to the problem of finding the implicit equation of the image of the map given by a, b, c. In particular, we prove a conjecture of Hong, Simis and Vasconcelos. We also relate our results to the theory of adjoint curves and prove a special case of a conjecture of Cox.

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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra

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