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In this paper, we give a complete characterization of binary matroids with no P9-minor. A 3-connected binary matroid M has no P9-minor if and only if M is a 3-connected regular matroid, a binary spike with rank at least four, one of the internally 4-connected non-regular minors of a special 16-element matroid Y16, or a matroid obtained by 3-summing copies of the Fano matroid to a 3-connected cographic matroid M∗(K3,n), M∗(K3,n'), M∗(K3,n''), or M∗(K3,n''') (n ≥ 2). Here the simple graphs K3,n', K3,n'', and K3,n''' are obtained from K3,n by adding one, two, or three edges in the color class of size three, respectively.

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Advances in Applied Mathematics

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