Riesz potentials and orthogonal radon transforms on affine grassmannians

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We establish intertwining relations between Riesz potentials associated with fractional powers of minus-Laplacian and orthogonal Radon transforms Rj,k of the Gonzalez-Strichartz type. The latter take functions on the Grassmannian of j-dimensional affine planes in Rn to functions on a similar manifold of k-dimensional planes by integration over the set of all j-planes that meet a given k-plane at a right angle. The main results include sharp existence conditions of Rj,kf on Lp-functions, Fuglede type formulas connecting Rj,k with Radon-John k-plane transforms and Riesz potentials, and explicit inversion formulas for Rj,kf under the assumption that f belongs to the range of the j-plane transform. The method extends to another class of Radon transforms defined on affine Grassmannians by inclusion.

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Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis

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