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Organizational culture and leadership: exploring perceptions and relationships / Pamela S. Bradigan and Lynda J. Hartel -- Building on our strengths: working towards a preferred workplace culture / Carol Shepstone and Lyn Currie -- Organizational culture and administrative change: a case study at a metropolitan academic library / Jason Martin -- Organizational climate assessment and improvement planning / Patricia MacDonald -- Helping new librarians find success and satisfaction in the academic library / Rebecca K. Miller -- Beyond diversity: moving towards inclusive work environments / Paula M. Smith -- Cultural competencies in authentic leadership / Joan Giesecke and Charlene Maxey-Harris -- Diversity and sensitivity in the workplace: understanding Asian Pacific American staff / Anchalee Panigabutra-Roberts -- Challenges of redesigning staff work space / Wyoma vanDuinkerken and Karen I. MacDonald -- All integration is local: merging cultures in an academic library / Elizabeth J. Weisbrod -- Promoting and enabling civility in the academic library / Loanne Snavely and Alexia Hudson -- Building staff morale and creating a positive workplace / Eric Jennings and Kathryn Tvaruzka -- Interdepartmental communication in academic libraries / Martha Mautino and Michael Lorenzen -- Interaction between departments: strategies for improving interdepartmental collaboration through communication / Sever Bordeianu and Rebecca Lubas -- No middle ground? Perceptions and realities of the distinctions between tenured librarians and their professional colleagues / Peter Hepburn -- Mentoring in academic libraries / Diane Bruxvoort -- How transformational leadership translates into recognized excellence in academic libraries / Rosalind Tedford, Lauren E. Corbett, and Mary Beth Lock -- Generations at work: what we can learn from each other / Martin Garnar and Erin McCaffrey -- Staff motivation at a university library: use of intrinsic motivation at Western Carolina University / Peter Johnson, Mark A. Stoffan, and Timothy V. Carstens -- Managing conflict and incivility in academic libraries / Leah Plocharczyk -- The transparent organization: keeping staff in the loop / Laura Blessing.