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Producing high quality scholarly publications is a daunting task for many college and university librarians. In 2007, the LSU Libraries established a writing group to assist in this process. This four-member group makes itself available to review and critique manuscripts submitted by LSU librarians, most of whom are tenure-track. This paper examines the background, formation, and experiences-to-date of this group. Emphasis is placed on the particular characteristics of the LSU group, which make this group different from similar groups at other institutions. Thus, this paper includes, in its Appendices, practical materials such as forms for writers to use when submitting their works for review. It also includes the results of a small survey given to participants in order to gauge their satisfaction with the entire review process. The purpose for sharing this information is two-fold: first, to provide for the group itself a record of the group’s rationale and activities; and, second, to provide other college and university libraries with some useful tools if they are considering creating a similar program.