GIS-based environmental modeling with tangible interaction and dynamic visualization

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We present a new, affordable version of TanGeoMS, a tangible geospatial modeling and visualization system designed for collaboratively exploring how terrain change impacts landscape processes. It couples a physical, three-dimensional model of a landscape with geospatial modeling and analysis through a cycle of scanning and projection. Multiple users can modify the physical model by hand while it is being scanned; by sculpting the model they generate input for modeling of geophysical processes. The modeling results are then visualized by projecting images or animations back on the physical model. This feedback loop is an intuitive way to evaluate the impacts of different scenarios including anthropogenic and natural landscape change. Integration with GRASS GIS, a free and open source geographic information system, provides TanGeoMS with a variety of easily accessible geospa-tial analysis and modeling tools. To demonstrate the environmental modeling applications of TanGeoMS, we will demonstrate how development can be planned based on feedback from landscape processes such as hydrologic simulation and wildfire modeling with variable fuel distribution.

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Proceedings - 7th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software: Bold Visions for Environmental Modeling, iEMSs 2014

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