Territories of Latin American Geography

Abstract / Resumen / Resumo

The Journal of Latin American Geography (JLAG) has played an important role in creating a space to think with diverse territorial epistemologies and struggles for territorial rights that emanate in and from Latin America. Moreover, JLAG contributions have helped rethink the boundaries of Latin America beyond the borders of Mexico and the United States. This article thus traces how JLAG has advanced critical theorizations of territory through empirical research and conversations between scholars espousing distinct ways of knowing territory. The article reviews JLAG contributions on territory, territorio, and territoriality to suggest that the territories of Latin American Geography are not merely bound as geopolitical imaginaries but everyday sites of struggle, resistance, and collective organization. Ultimately, I argue that JLAG has provided a critical, if not underappreciated, venue to reimagine territory as a theoretical concept, geopolitical reality, and set of socio-spatial relations—particularly with regard to struggles for social and environmental justice.