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Perceived value is important in determining brand loyalty. Although studies have shown that consumers’ perceived values change over time, understanding which values are influenced by self-image congruity is necessary, because the relationship consumers form with brands they favor will help marketers develop strategies that can motivate their brand loyalty. Therefore, this study sought to assess which perceived values consumers acquire from consumption of their favorite sportswear brand. It also examined the influence of self-image congruity on these values. The objectives of the study were to: identify the perceived value of sportswear brands of college students; investigate the effect of perceived value on brand loyalty; test the mediating effect of the self-concept in the relationship between perceived value and brand loyalty; and identify the relationship among perceived value, self-concept and brand loyalty. An online survey was administered to college students. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and multiple regression. The results showed that participants were loyal to their favorite sportswear brands given key values. The study identified two clusters of participants based on their self-image congruity, those with high self-image congruency and those with low self-image congruency. High self-image congruency group considered price and quality value in their favorite sportswear brand. Thus, their brand loyalty was mainly as a result of the price and quality value they got from the brand. The low self-image congruency group considered emotional and price value in their favorite brand. Thus there brand loyalty was mainly due to the emotional value and price value they got from the brand. None of the groups were influenced by social value. Therefore, since the ‘self’ influences consumption, focusing on marketing strategies that enhance self-image congruity for each of the groups could help companies sustain brand loyalty among their customers given the competitiveness in this retail sector.



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