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The human plays a vital role in the city and the city a vital role in the sustainability and resiliency of the future. It is imperative to explore all avenues for improvement and longevity. Now is the time to explore methods to strengthen the cities we have and the people who live there. This is especially true for coastal cities facing sea level rise and climate change. It is important now not to dwell on what we have lost but to seek methods for using the memory of a place to restore and build for the future. Recognizing there is a problem only means we have to seek solutions. Explored herein are the methods and rationale for categorizing the struggles of a city, in the case Miami, and using this new three-part exploration to find solutions. Developed within these pages is a three-part system focused on the street, shifts in scale and the patching of ecologies. The knowledge and theory for successful development exists and is collected here; the problems in the city and professional fields are clear and also collected here. The solutions then can be inferred. Because the knowledge and tools already exist introspection is the way to develop. Learning from the self, the city and humanity strengthens the urban core and ultimately strengthens our ability to ensure a promising future.



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