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Lesbian visibility and representation has been and continues to be marked from a patriarchal perspective, governed by heteronormativity. Heterosexuality and man have and continue to be points from which lesbians are defined. The lesbian has come to form part of a heteronormative sexual sequence in society, what Annamarie Jagose refers to as ‘sequencing.’ This sequence has placed the lesbian in a latter position of inferiority that depends on heterosexuality and/or man. Because of this reason, it has not been possible to reach a good representation of the lesbian. In order to obtain a better representation of the lesbian she must be defined in her own terms and in relation to other lesbian women. Jagose suggests inverting sexual norms and positioning lesbianism as the preferred sexuality to see how the lesbian is oppressed and subjugated by heteronormativity. The trilogy by Lola Van Guardia (Con pedigree, Plumas de doble filo, La mansión de las tríbadas) is able to capture a society in which every person is a lesbian or has the potential to be one. Keeping in mind the sexual sequence that Jagose presents, Van Guardia’s world manages to break these chains of a false lesbian representation to create a new and better representation by positioning the lesbian as the subject and normalizing her sexuality through various inversions. Van Guardia does this by presenting a plethora of lesbians, all three-dimensional characters that are relatable. The inversion of certain linguistic norms of the Spanish language and social situations established by a heteronormative and patriarchal society are also highlighted by using the generic in feminine and not the masculine as Spanish prescribes. With her trilogy, Van Guardia is able to create a discourse that is separate from the heteronormative society by focusing on the lesbian, on how she is and what matters to her. The Van Guardia trilogy is able to not only show how the lesbian is subjugated and controlled in society, but with the focus on only lesbian characters she is able to create a representation of the lesbian that is more complete and faithful.



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