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The thesis intends to introduce tactical urbanism as a way to expand the toolkit for designers to communicate with theirs audiences from the public. Lessons from the post-Katrina planning processes urges for better communication tool that invites broader conversation while providing more direct physical outcome from the process. Tactical urbanism is introduced to the city and the discipline of landscape architecture in order to provide a fresh solution to the communication by changing the speech between the authority figure and the residents into a more personal conversation with an invitation through on-site installation. At the same time, it is a powerful tool to achieve instant physical outcome from the process and to provide important feedback for design. The article documented two on-site projects that the team did in order to invite conversations on the issue of New Orleans’ landscape. Through the process of installation, some interesting interaction with the local residents are recorded which exemplify the potential of this methodology and they provides insights for the future interventions. In the end, the thesis suggested that the design and planning professionals in New Orleans to add tactical urbanism into their toolkit, for a better future of the city.



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Michaels, Kenneth Wesley