Montessori-Based Interventions in the Treatment of Late-Stage Dementia




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The exclusive evaluation of Montessori-based dementia interventions among persons in late-stage dementia is exceptionally rare. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of the I’m Still Here (ISH) Montessori-based program upon the health and well-being of individuals with advanced dementia. This secondary data analysis used a sample of 43 nursing-level residents from a continuing care retirement community located in the southern U.S. Data were collected via observation-based surveys completed by the participants’ primary nurse to measure the following outcomes: quality of life (QoL), psychological well-being (PWB), social engagement, anxiety, activities of daily living (ADLs), and behavioral problems. Demographic data were also collected relating to gender, age, marital status, relationship to caregiver, and health diagnoses. Methods for data collection utilized a quasi-experimental, simple-interrupted time series design, in which data collection occurred at three distinct intervals: baseline, 3- and 6-months post ISH implementation. Findings indicated significant relationships in overall data collection (between intervals 1 and 3) among social engagement, PWB, and ADL functioning. The strongest bivariate correlations were between social engagement and PWB and social engagement and QoL. Results were summarily found to support ISH’s beneficial impact upon the participants’ QoL, anxiety, ADL functioning, and behavioral problems.



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