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In this thesis, wireless localization is investigated based on multiple noisy estimates of the time-difference of arrival (TDOA) at each pair of the n >= 4 sensors with different but known locations using WiFi opportunistic signals. Our work is comprehensive and includes channel estimation, symbol detection, TDOA estimation, and location estimation. To mitigate the multipath issue induced by wideband signals, such as WiFi, frequency-division is employed to decompose the wideband RF signal into multiple non-overlapping narrowband signals. To minimize the adverse effects of the clock drift, time-division is proposed to divide the signal into multiple non-overlapping signals in the time domain. In addition, Kalman filtering is proposed, assuming the wide-sense stationary and uncorrelated scattering (WSSUS) channel and the first order auto-regressive (AR) model are used. Because of the multiple TDOA estimates at each pair of the WiFi receiver sensors, an efficient algorithm is developed to estimate the target location. The localization technique developed in this thesis can also be extended to other radio frequency (RF) signals, as shown in our simulation study for out-door localization. The simulation results in our thesis show the effectiveness of the wireless localization, although further work is needed to resolve the nonlinear estimation problem involved in localization based on TDOA estimates.



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Gu, Guoxiang