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Sound Frames is a one movement piece for orchestra. Its formal structure is free. As the title demonstrates, each section of this composition is “framed” side by side with the next one. The piece is organized in a non-traditional way, with contrasting sections one being followed by another and occasionally they are recollected throughout the work. The music of the well known 20th Century composer György Ligeti was the primary inspiration for this composition, specially his “Zehn Stücke Für Bläserquintett”. One of the techniques used in the first movement of this Ligeti’s work is the disguising of the beat using different rhythmic figurations for each voice. This kind of rhythmic material is present in all of the slow sections and some other sections of Sound Frames. However, the composer who has influenced this composition the most is Igor Stravinsky, both rhythmically and harmonically. All the rhythmic/ostinato patterns were based on how these materials are organized in his music. Harmonically, the mixture between tonal and atonal sonorities was highly inspired by Stravinsky. These characteristics can be found in his Russian ballets. There is a different aspect of the 20th Century’s music that is also present in Sound Frames. The rock n’ roll music from the 70’s, known as progressive rock, was another inspiration for this piece. The formal structure of Sound Frames resembles the form of those long progressive rock songs, where the music atmosphere changes completely in each of its sections. Although the progressive rock is considered popular music, it has suffered a lot of influence of Igor Stravinsky. Another influence concerning the compositional process and control of the form is that of the French composer Claude Debussy. This composer has always been the one whose works instigate me the most as a musician. With Sound Frames I have experienced a totally new way of composing. I have explored different harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic characters from those I was habituated to use in my previous work.



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