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This study examined the rebranding of the Brooklyn Nets. A discourse analysis was conducted that observed messages generated by the Brooklyn Nets, selected media sources and fans regarding a number of elements relating to the Brooklyn Nets’ rebrand. Branding is important to businesses and building brand equity and brand associations with the external public is important for businesses looking to succeed in a profit driven world. This is no different for professional sports franchises who also focus on building brand equity and brand associations with sports fans and other members of the general public. By first examining the methods taken and messages generated by the Brooklyn Nets regarding their rebrand and then examining the messages and discourse generated by the media and fans regarding the Nets’ rebrand, this thesis was able to produce a number of best practices for sport franchises who may be looking to rebrand in the future. Findings show that a rebranding team should place an emphasis on developing a quality product over connecting the product to noteworthy individuals. Additionally, rebranding organizations would be wise to consult individuals experienced with sport rebranding rather than enlisting the services of less qualified but more famous individuals. Rebranding organizations should also not be afraid of taking a risk (when appropriate) when developing their visual brand. Authenticity and actions consistent with an organization’s own messages are important to establishing strong brand equity and brand associations. Organizations might choose to emphasize their impact in the stadium community, their potential success in that community and finally, treat employees, players and fans in a professional manor consistent with team messages.



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