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ABSTRACT From the dawn of human history, technology has driven and shaped our evolution as a species. It has vastly accelerated our ability to communicate, create, conquer and do more with less time, space and energy. Throughout the history of Art, technology has forged new methods, movements and Masters. “Conditions Of My Release” is a series of mixed media works that utilizes a variety of common and cutting edge technologies as a way to explore the relevance of “Time & Space” as an influential medium in artistic production. Have they been masked or obscured by the technology used to create them or the final product? The embrace of technology plays a delicate role in the desire to analyze Time & Space as a medium for artistic expression. It is my belief that these questions can be explored and demonstrated by using various forms of technology in the content and context of Conceptual Art. Time & Space will serve as the essential mediums used to create the artwork. Technology will also be the primary means and tool for demonstration and documentation. A wide variety of natural phenomena will serve as the source of inspiration. The represented artwork will challenge the viewer to consider the validity of Time & Space as a medium while simultaneously questioning them to find the relationship of this underlying idea in the series. I want that those who take their time to explore the space to be able to come up with new answers to the questions I am posing.



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