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ABSTRACT To me the phrase “building a better mousetrap” implies that a needless change has been made to something that already sufficiently serves its purpose. These words identify my thoughts about how over the past three years I have begun to replace trusted means of communication with newer technologies. My thesis work examines my relationship to these new modes of communication and how, as I see others around me making them useful parts of their lives, I am continually snared by the promise of their convenience. Ultimately, however, they distract and frustrate me with the countless hours I allow them to consume, as I am conscious that I often end up at the same place that their antiquated predecessors would have gotten me. This body of work presents quasi-architectural/ mechanical objects that take on the appearance of traps built in an archaic fashion. These contain representational elements that act as analogies for the modern-day conveniences I have reluctantly made a part of my life. In addition to thoughts of my growing reliance on technology, the works that I am presenting demonstrate my appreciation for craft and it is my hope that their carefully considered construction will serve as a reminder that everything cannot be done by machines.



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