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The Letan Bossier, Haiti community is in need of continued investment from international agencies, in an effort to improve conditions for locals, along with shaping the experience of the tourist, at and around an attractive natural basin, three miles north-west of Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti, at about 187 meters above sea level. In order to improve one’s journey through this mountainside community to the Grand Basin, capital investments must be made. The goal of the proposed design solutions is to solve for the locals first, in turn, attracting tourists to experience a space that’s supported by its own people. The goal of this report is to educate involved government entities, local stakeholders, and outside investors of physical and socio-economic needs within the Letan Bossier community, for the purpose of practical design application and administrative changes necessary to sustain local well-being, social balance, and structural integrity throughout the research and design development process. Local accountability, water management, safe access, and reforestation have been identified in the qualitative research process as top issues to address in order to make Letan Bossier an economically competitive agricultural tourism attraction, as it’s being envisioned by investors at this time. Reporting issues highlighted by the local community will promote cultural and environmental sustainability at the forefront of a government backed effort. Here, local and international visitors are invited to experience natural wonders like the Grand Basin of Letan Bossier, the breathtaking views of the Caribbean on the way, the natural mango grove and sugarcane surrounding the basin, and a cutting-edge agricultural education from community leaders, addressing maintenance, nutritional and medicinal farming issues. The locals of Letan Bossier are the keepers of the community and specifying that role will strengthen the sustainability of the site. This sense of ownership is believed to be the first and most important step in the making of a socially, economically, and structurally sustainable community.



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