Semester of Graduation

Summer, 2024


Master of Science (MS)


Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

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Climate change presents significant challenges to agriculture worldwide, particularly where farming is central to livelihoods. This phenomenon has been linked to decreasing crop yields due to rising temperatures and reduced rainfall, particularly affecting low-income countries with limited adaptive capabilities. Grasping how farmers perceive climate change is essential for developing effective adaptation strategies to lessen its adverse impacts. This study concentrated on investigating the perceptions and adaptive strategies employed by smallholder farmers in Nepal's Mustang district, utilizing primary data sources. Data from 131 randomly selected households were gathered through structured interviews, while focus group discussions provided qualitative insights into farmers' views and attitudes toward climate change. Employing a series of discrete choice models, this research comprehensively analyzes farmers' adaptive capacity and strategy adoption in response to climate change. However, to measure the influence of the explanatory variables on a farmer's decision to adapt to climate change, marginal effects were computed. A farmer is regarded as having adapted to climate change if they have implemented at least one adaptation strategy, including livelihood security, social ties and knowledge system management, management of biodiversity, sustainable management, and technical management. By integrating socio-economic, environmental, and institutional variables, the model clarifies the interconnectedness of factors influencing farmers' adaptive capacity and decision-making processes. The model's estimation of correlated binary outcomes captures the interdependencies among these strategies, offering insights into their simultaneous adoption by farmers. The research emphasizes the need for individualized treatments and the necessity of addressing various aspects of farmers' adaptive capacity and advancing integrated methods for climate change adaptation in Nepal's agriculture.



Committee Chair

Naveen Adusumilli