Semester of Graduation

Summer 2024


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


School of Art

Document Type



Overlay: Language Uncovered presents a series of installations that address my experience navigating learning challenges during my formative years, and strategies I have developed for thriving within those educational settings. This body of work represents three years of introspection and research, leading to a deeper acknowledgement and understanding of the obstacles I faced in learning. The installations feature large-scale sculptures made from a range of materials including, vinyl, styrofoam, acrylic, paper, silk screen mesh, metal and light. The immersive and vibrant colors within these installations invite viewers to playfully explore and interact with language, all rooted in my personal experiences as someone with a learning disability. Working on this body of work has provided valuable perspective on the underlying reasons for my struggles with learning and has fostered a deeper appreciation for the individuals who have supported and guided me along the way.



Committee Chair

Malcolm McClay

Available for download on Thursday, May 22, 2025