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August 2024


Master of Science (MS)


Agricultural & Extension Education & Evaluation

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The number of students receiving disability services annually in the U.S. has increased in the last decade. Even with this growing population of students with disabilities, research continues to show a lack of confidence of School Based Agricultural Education (SBAE) teachers in their ability and skills to include these students. The purpose of this qualitative study was to describe the factors that influence how SBAE teachers support students with disabilities in Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs and identify perceived obstacles SBAE teachers have regarding working with students with disabilities. Semi-structed interviews were conducted with twelve SBAE teachers to understand their lived experiences. To triangulate the findings, photographs and classroom materials, such as rubrics and syllabi, were also collected. Following data collection, data was transcribed and analyzed. Four themes emerged with ten subthemes. Themes included Growth, Struggle, Resources, and Motivation. The study participants showed growth through their careers and experienced a pivotal moment in which they gained self-efficacy in their ability to work with students with disabilities in SAEs. Even with gained confidence, accessibility, parents, and personal struggles were identified. A wide variety of resources were used by participants, including human resources and classroom materials. Each of the participants identified motivators in the areas of educator motivation, inclusion motivation, and SAE motivation.



Committee Chair

Stair, Kristin