Semester of Graduation

Fall 2023


Master of Agricultural Education (MAgEd)



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Overnight summer camps are beneficial experiences that provide 4-H members from urbanized areas the chance to experience the outdoors and appreciate nature. Previous research shows that time in the outdoors can increase connection to nature. Furthermore, connection to nature is associated with adoption of pro‑environmental behavior, lowering of negative emotions, and positive general well-being. For this thesis, the researcher is interested in finding out if participation in 4-H summer camp has a significant effect on participant’s connection to nature as measured by the Children’s Environmental Perceptions Scale (CEPS) and the Inclusion of Nature in Self Scale (INS). Previous work has been done looking at youth nature connection, including work with a focus on youth from urbanized areas. However, the effect of 4-H summer camp on connection to nature of 4-H members from urbanized areas in the state of Louisiana has not been studied. Using a quasi-experimental design, surveys were collected from 4-H members from urbanized areas who attended 4-H summer camp and 4-H member from urbanized areas who did not attend summer camp. The results show that participation in 4-H summer camp does have a significant positive effect on the 4-H member’s connection to nature.



Committee Chair

Burnett, Michael F.