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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)



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The expeller process variable has gained increasing attention in research to validate process flow models. The expeller process is a mechanical method used to extract oil and water from seeds, nuts and polymers. Various factors, such as the speed of the press, size, and shape of the expeller, temperature, pressure, and moisture content, impact the efficiency and quality of the oil and water extraction process. By understanding these variables, researchers can develop accurate process flow models to predict the efficiency and quality of the oil and water extraction process. In this research, A custom instrumentation package have designed and implemented for an R&D-scale Expeller to obtain measurements of the process variables. The instruments provide pressure and temperature sensing at multiple spatial locations in the machine. Here the necessary engineering analysis that was performed to design the custom sensing system and a customs hydrostatic testing chamber used to calibrate the pressure transducers. Finally, conclusion was made with validation tests demonstrating the successful measurement of process variables and some remarks on next steps.



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Hunter B. Gilbert

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