Semester of Graduation

Summer 2022


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


School of Art

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With this body of work, I am looking for visual symbols that help communicate unuttered meanings through storytelling and stimulate an affectual response to the viewer. This exploration is presented in two different forms: a surreal sculptural installation and a board game. The installation consists of large-scale sculptures made from light and soft materials (polyurethane foam, plastic waste, paper) that are available to move inside the gallery, while the board game is presented as a set of 3D prints with instructions on how the participants can play it. The materials used in the installation suggest a way to transform waste into art and reveal further meanings of the objects-symbols depicted. I offer these symbols to the viewers as a vocabulary of available metaphors to rediscover poetic meaning, reflective free play, and communal storytelling. “Entities” is a word used to describe the things and objects that, in this project, possess agency. Each entity is a self-contained singular existence but also part of a whole. Entities can be used as metaphors for emotional states and memories, and eventually act as a lever for storytelling.

Committee Chair

Celentano, Denyce