Semester of Graduation

Summer 2022


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


School of Art

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Many designers and scientists have been able to integrate design and science in their respective fields to create works that effectively inform their audiences of complicated subjects. Each of these individuals can express their creativity and viewpoint of the subject matter in a way that is interesting, visually appealing, and informative. Using the medium of graphic design, I created printed posters that represent the way I view the processes of the human body that are technical, yet also visually appealing.

My thesis exhibition walks my audience through the biological cycles that maintain the human body on an everyday basis from head to toe. This is achieved through the interpretation and visualization of biological data. The goal of these works is to inform the audience of the nuances of changes that occur in the body that can cause physical and emotional changes. In addition, while the audience is looking at the work, they should ponder about what is occurring in their own bodies and what they are personally doing to affect their health.

This exploration of merging design and science helped me represent science and see science in a non-textbook/non-conventional way. Scientific concepts do not always have to be in the form of overly technical diagrams to be able to inform the audience.

Committee Chair

Lynne Baggett