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Fall 2021


Master of Education (MEd)

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The purpose of this research was to examine the reading habits and interests of secondary school students in an urban community in order to discover ways to increase student reading interests. The researcher wanted to understand why adolescents choose to read or not to read certain texts and understand the reading behaviors of these students. The study focused on students’ intent to read certain texts such as traditional books and non-traditional texts. To gain knowledge on a larger population of students, a questionnaire based on student reading habits was distributed to all students enrolled in English 1 at the research cite. Then, three students who represented different extra-curricular choices at the school were selected to participate in one-on-one interviews, an interest related reading assignment, and a short-written response to measure higher-order thinking skills. A mixed-methods research approach was utilized to examine the reading habits of the students, determine if extra-curriculars had any bearing on students’ reading habits, and to determine if student interest in a text affect their ability to exercise their higher order thinking skills.

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Bach, Jacqueline



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