Semester of Graduation

Fall 2021


Master of Arts (MA)


School Psychology

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The United States continues to transition towards a majority-minority composition and this trend has most rapidly emerged for school-aged children. Work with diverse populations calls for specialized skills and training experiences, but these are not strongly reflected in most training programs in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The present review was conducted to evaluate the scope and range of the dimensions of diversity included in Behavior Analytic research (e.g. race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc.), as well as to compile recommendations related to culturally responsive practice in ABA. The search revealed a total of 50 publications featuring a dimension of diversity. These works were summarized in terms of the dimensions of diversity featured, the goals of the research (i.e., empirical or conceptual), the demographics reported in empirical studies, and the recommendations provided for culturally responsive practices in ABA. A reflection on the current state of diversity research in the field is provided and discussed in the context of current and future recommendations for culturally responsive Behavior Analysis.

Committee Chair

Dr. Shawn P. Gilroy