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Master of Science (MS)


Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Valorization of food wastes/byproducts has become a major subject of research to increase sustainability of the global food supply chain. Seafood industries generate a substantial quantity of byproducts. An online survey was used to evaluate Willingness-to-try (WTT), the effect of a Consumer Safety Statement (CSS) on WTT, perceived risks and product appropriateness associated with seafood byproducts in food as influenced by gender and race. Based on the finding from this survey, a clean label catfish bone powder (CBP) was developed and used for breaded catfish sticks which were evaluated for sensory liking, emotional profile, and purchase intent. Previous consumers of seafood/fish byproducts (N=904) participated in the online survey during April-June 2020. Overall, males were more open to foods containing seafood byproducts than females, Caucasian was less WTT seafood byproducts by 87% and 138% compared to Asian and Hispanic consumers respectively, and WTT rates significantly increased for all racial groups after CSS was given (77.27%, 73.73%, and 58.45%, respectively). The three most appropriate products for seafood-byproduct incorporation were fish products, seasoning mixes, and soup/gravy. Taste, texture, and safety were the most cited risks. WTT and perceived risks associated with consumption of seafood byproducts were significantly affected by gender and race. The second part of the thesis showed that CBP can be incorporated up to 20% (20CBP) in the breading mix without affecting the sensory qualities of fried catfish. Surface crispiness liking was significantly different between the treatments. The majority of consumers (79-80%) rated surface color of 10CBP and 20CBP as just-about-right. Emotional profiles for all products were similar with the top five emotions elicited being Good (52%), Pleasant (41.5%), Satisfied (40%), Happy (38%), and Interested (35%). The negative emotions (Unsafe, Worried, and Guilty) were selected by



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Witoon Prinyawiwatkul