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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Graphic Design

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The artwork in the collection, “Remembrance,” is a collection of three-dimensional paper toys inspired by the culture of Dong Son civilization. The study was intended as an investigation into a mysterious, once-lost kingdom that flourished in the northern delta region of Vietnam. The designs and art motifs found on bronze artifacts from Dong Son have been scrutinized, then compared with stories in Vietnamese legends to decipher their hidden message and symbolism. I collected and translated the design motifs digitally as part of the creative process before analyzing their philosophies and intentions to not only introduce the culture but also accurately represent the spirits of the Vietnamese Dong Son civilians.

The paper toys were envisioned as embodiments of semi-mythical figures and Dong Son philosophical concepts. Together, the twelve characters represent Dong Son's messengers. As the audience interacted with the toys, I envisioned the audience contemplating the beautiful motifs and actively creating their own adventures into the lost world of civilization Dong Son.

Committee Chair

Richard Doubleday