Semester of Graduation



Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)


Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Metallic multilayers have unique properties including a resistance to radiation-induced damage. This thesis investigates the electroplating of Cu-Fe multilayer systems and the feasibility of manufacturing multilayers via this method. Copper and iron are immiscible metals, making them a good choice for a binary system since they cannot form a stable ternary phase. Copper films, iron films, and a copper/iron multilayer composite were produced using electrodeposition methods. This study investigated methods for minimizing grain size, including plating out of complexes and pulse/pulse-reverse electroplating. Analysis and modeling of the pulse reverse diffusion boundary layer is provided. X-ray diffraction was performed on the electroplated films. A method for manufacturing multilayer composites is prototyped. This material has potential to be produced through the electroplating method more economically and on larger scales than traditional methods like PVD and CVD.

Committee Chair

Fengyuan Lu



Available for download on Wednesday, May 24, 2028