Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Master of Architecture (MArch)/Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Graphic Design

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Many individuals have an understanding that our lives have a timeline, and this timeline is full of objectives that we perceive as absolutes. Through personal observations it has become apparent that there are many amazing men and woman that are stagnant because they were raised to believe that meeting these goalposts are a priority. In an age of individualism, it is evident that every individual has control of their own life through their actions. However, in this same age of technology and social media, the anxiety of not meeting certain requirements or standards is even more apparent than previous generations. These anxieties push us to feel like we must find someone, marry, and then have children. This is the set pathway to happiness, and many fear being left behind because of it. Through the medium of graphic design, I hope to impart to the next generation a message. This message is one of personal recognition to these unconscious goals set by society.

In my thesis my goal is to emphasize the need for our own individuality rather than conformity in terms of relationship expectations through perceptive questioning designed to challenge any unconscious need to follow a timeline. Through interactive works I hope to find a correlation between human interaction, tactility, and cognizance with the subject matter associated. I believe, through finding that balance and correlation, we as graphic designers can increase memory retention and interactions with our audience.

Committee Chair

Barr, Courtney