Semester of Graduation

spring 2021


Theatre department

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This research aims to investigate the role of costume in identity formation in the second line group The Undefeated Divas, Gents and Kids. The methodology used in this research was data collection through interviews with members of the group. Through these interviews, we seek to establish the importance of costume in reflecting and constructing a sense of community within the group.

While the existing literature focuses on the history of second line parades and their importance in Louisiana’s culture, this research intends to explore costume’s meaning and significance. The purpose of this work is to complement the existing literature in the area, and to answer to what point identity serves second line group The Undefeated Diva, Gents and Kids as a device for their annual parade construction of costumes.

Committee Chair

James L. Murphy, Kyla Kazuschyk. Tara Houston, Dr. Helen Regis