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Master of Arts (MA)


Geography & Anthropology

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This research examines the experiences of five Nigerian Americans who participated in the Yoruba Group Project Abroad in the year 2018. After taking classes on Yoruba language at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels in their various universities here in the US, the students traveled to Nigeria in the summer of 2018 to immerse themselves in the native speakers’ environment in Ibadan, Nigeria. While in Ibadan, they were paired with Nigerian host families (Yoruba speakers) in order to have an overarching immersive experience. These students constitute the population of this research. Using a qualitative research method and an in-depth online interviews, participants are asked about their various experiences while on the program. With the use of the theoretical frameworks of Discourse Transcription and Discourse Analysis, participants’ language use is examined. The purpose of this analysis is to reveal how these participants use language to communicate their personal, ethnic and national identities- how they position “themselves” and “others”. More specifically, participants’ identities and affiliations before and after the program is examined. This analysis also considers the after-effects of the study abroad program on the participants.

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Prof. Brody, Mary Jill