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Clinical Psychology

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Individuals who identify as Transgender/Gender Diverse (TGD) have elevated rates of suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STBs). No studies have determined the prevalence of hospitalization for STBs in TGD adults or whether this care is viewed as helpful. Understanding hospitalization experiences may determine potential new treatment targets and training initiatives integral to developing affirming care experiences for TGD individuals. This study sought to explore the lifetime prevalence of hospitalization for suicide ideation (SI) and suicide attempt (SA) for TGD individuals, determine how helpful TGD individuals find hospitalization, and investigate demographics, gender minority stressors, or provider/hospitalization characteristics that correlate with hospitalization helpfulness ratings. Data from the 2017 Trans Lifeline Mental Health Survey, an online survey of self-identified TGD individuals, were used. The final sample was comprised of N=3,718 individuals, n=1,003 (28.4%) of which had been hospitalized; n=328 (31.1%) had been hospitalized for SI and n=728 (68.9%) had been hospitalized for SA. Generally, SI and SA hospitalization was rated as unhelpful compared to neutral and helpful options. Univariate predictors of helpful SI hospitalization experience included age, trust in providers, and voluntary status of admission, while historical avoidance of mental health institutions led to less helpful experiences. In addition to the above, pride in TGD identity had a positive relationship with SA experience, while historical need to educate providers and avoidance of coming out to providers were inversely related to SA hospitalization experience. When entered into a multivariate analysis, increased trust in providers and voluntary hospitalization had a positive relationship with SI and SA hospitalization helpfulness. Additionally, the multivariate model for SA found increased pride in TGD identity had a positive relationship with hospitalization helpfulness. Limitations and future directions are discussed.

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Tucker, Raymond