Semester of Graduation

August 2020


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


The School of Art

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In the realm of precognitive artmaking, the artist’s role is that of an antenna. One must be receptive to the subtle, invisible flow of creative novelty in order to participate in the involuntary channeling of new ideas, new processes, and alternative methods of creative production. Carving out new territory within the realm of static art is a primary objective for my artistic process. By utilizing digital fabrication tools, paired with my affinity for intricate craft and optical metagrobolization, I have created a body of work that invents alternative processes and unique aesthetic languages.

Digital imaging, digital modeling and digital fabrication offer unique opportunities to alleviate some of the manual burden of art making by relegating repetitive and/or strenuous tasks to machine operations. I am developing ways to reduce the physical burden to my hands of my artmaking by utilizing computers and machines. Digital imaging, modeling and fabrication also present the opportunity for artists to explore precision of interrelated parts in ways previously unachievable. I am developing the artistic possibilities of working with fitment, micro-accuracy of 3D modeling, height maps and tool paths, micro-accuracy of stereolithography 3D printing and the micro-accuracy of CNC machine operations.

Committee Chair

Celentano, Denyce