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My work most often concentrates on magnifying the mundane of everyday life and asking readers to refamiliarize themselves with details and people that they have become so accustomed to seeing they begin to ignore. At the heart of these writings is the interrogation of self, which I believe to be an imperative part of creating any artistic work, before cross-examining a larger community. Whether it be speculating how the Black women of my small Alabama city have grotesquely died in a recent wave of domestic violence, probing how white men and women watch videos and photographs of slain Black people they never met at the Legacy Museum or asking myself what makes me American after trips to Central and South America where I am never identified as such, my writing engages in conversations about what it means to belong to a place or a person, the occasional dangers of seeking to belong to people and communities that reject me, and the microscopic details that make up these events and experiences.

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Wheeler, Joshua



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