Semester of Graduation

Spring 2020


Master of Civil Engineering (MCE)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Most of the wind-induced damages to low-rise buildings are related to the inefficient performance of the building envelope. This type of buildings experience high roof suction during extreme wind events, which causes uplift forces on the roof. Mitigation of high roof suction can improve the performance of buildings. An attractive approach to reduce these loads is to install exterior walls beyond the roof surface, which creates a parapet. Proper design of parapet walls can reduce the high suctions found on the roof edges. However, the influence of parapets on the wind loads of flat roofs has not been sufficiently examined in the past. The majority of past studies were done using small scale models. The objective of this thesis was to obtain reliable wind pressure distribution data on the roof surface of a flat-roof, low-rise building and to determine how parapet walls affect the roof pressures. Models with different parapet heights were tested at the Windstorm Impact, Science and Engineering (WISE) research laboratory, Louisiana State University (LSU) for three different wind directions. Furthermore, the effect of the building plan aspect ratio (length/width) was investigated with CFD simulations.

Committee Chair

Aly, Mousaad Aly



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